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  • Lash Extensions are a revolutionary new product that lengthen and thicken eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent single strands of synthetic or real mink lashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. They are applied to individual eyelashes, one at a time, for a natural, elegant and luxurious look. Perfect for special occasions or for everyday wear. 

  • How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?
    When applied properly, semi-permanent lashes can last up to 2 months, depending on the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes and the expertise of the technician applying your extensions. To maintain the look of your lashes, a retouch will be required every 2-3 weeks.


  • Can I Swim, Shower or Exercise while wearing Mink Extensions?
    Yes, after your initial cure time of 24 hours (dying period), the formulated adhesive allows you to shower, swim, exercise and sleep worry-free while wearing them. You can enjoy your lashes with little need to adjust your lifestyle.


  • Can I apply Eyelash Extensions to My Own Lashes?
    NO Only a trained professional will be able to safely apply eyelash extensions. Unprofessional application or self-application may cause eye injury or clumpy, unnatural looking lashes.


  • How Often Should I Get Retouches ?
    We recommend getting a retouch every two or three weeks. Natural Lashes shed every 60-90 days on average due to the natural growth cycle, and is replaced with a growth of a new eyelash. At any given moment each of your natural lashes is at a different stage of this cycle. A retouch is needed to replenish the lashes that have completed their life cycle.


  • Can I apply Mascara To My Eyelash Extensions?
    Yes, One of the main advantages of lash extensions is never needing to wear mascara However, if you must have the mascara look, use a water-based mascara. You MAY NOT use waterproof mascara on lash extensions.



  • What happens if glue gets in your eyes?
    Since your eyes are shut the whole time lash extensions are being applied, no glue will ever get into your eye. To avoid any irritation, however, the first safety precaution you can take is to be sure that the glue is safe for your eyes and doesn’t contain anything that can harm them, like formaldehyde. Shipping glues across the world often leads to a buildup of formaldehyde by the time they reach the salon.


  • Additionally, it’s important to understand the difference between an allergic reaction and an infection. A licensed and experienced lash technician will not let an infection occur, but if you’re allergic to the glue, you’re still going to be allergic — this doesn’t mean the glue is inherently harmful.

  • Can you go blind?
    No. Your technician should be trained properly to apply the adhesive and lashes in a way that is completely harmless. Your eyes are closed the entire time of the procedure. No matter how bad an allergic reaction may get, you will never go blind. The worse case scenario is that you need to go to the eye doctor to get specific eye drops to treat an allergic reaction.


  • What happens when you cry?
    If you experience any burning or discomfort during the procedure, causing your eyes to tear or making you cry, this is a huge red flag and you should certainly speak up. You may need to have your technician change the glue. Getting lash extensions should be a completely pain-free experience


  • What are the pros and cons of wearing mink lashes like Beyoncé?
    People want all different kinds of looks — some people go for drama, and some opt for something more natural. The benefits of mink lash extensions are that they are feathery looking and lighter in general, so they put less pressure on your lashes. Mink lashes also come at a higher cost.


  • Will your natural lashes get harmed or damaged? 
    The biggest myth is that lash extensions ruin your own lashes. They do not. If applied correctly and properly, they are safe and do not ruin the health of your natural lashes. Be sure not to rub your eyes or tug or pull on the extensions because this can cause lash loss and even damage to your natural lashes. If lashes are applied properly and to each individual lash, they won’t fall out.




  • How Do I Take Care of My Eyelash Extensions?
    When extensions are applied properly they are easy to maintain. Each client should be given detailed after-care instructions following each procedure. In order to maintain the look and extend the life of your lashes, you will be asked to follow these easy care instructions: DO NOT WASH EYES or shower for 24 HOURS after your lash application; avoid humidity and do not swim or use a spa for 48 hours after lash application to allow adequate time for bonding; be gentle with your lashes; keep them clean and dry and brush them daily; avoid rubbing your eyes or using aggressive back and forth movements; use only a water based mascara and recover if necessary; cleanse daily.  If you don’t sell cleanser (we recommend baby shampoo); Keep your pre- booked retouch appointments every two to three weeks. Schedule next appointment for touch up before they leave.


  • Describe The Lash Extension Process
    You will be reclined back comfortably with your eyes closed, while your eyelash extensions are being applied individually to your natural eyelashes. It generally takes 90-120 minutes to apply a full set of eyelash extensions. The procedure is so relaxing and comfortable that many clients fall asleep. A retouch can be done in as little as 45 minutes to an Hour.


  • How much does it Cost for a Full Application of Lash Extensions?
    The cost will vary from area to area. The average full set prices are around $200 and touch ups are set around $75. You will want to look at your local market &demand before setting your lash prices.


  • Who Uses Eyelash Extensions?
    Hollywood A-listers have been wearing lash extensions for some time. Stars like Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and many others have been sporting these lashes for years! Models, actors, dancers and pageant contestants have also been enjoying the look, lash extensions give. Because they look so real, anyone could be wearing them and you would never know- Now you can be in on the hottest trend around! 

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