Why PiccabooLashed?

Piccaboo Lashed Studio isn’t your typical spa lounge,

it’s an experience where you come to unwind

and most importantly work on becoming a better you.

There isn't any need to feel bad about your imperfections  

at Piccaboo Lashed we embrace flaws

by enhancing you, inwardly & allowing you to shine outwardly.

Change your look in seconds

What is your desire?


Before & After


Model, Kim has never worn mink strips before tonight.

 The difference in the before & after is very obvious.

This too, could be you enhancing your beauty. 
"I see you Shining" #PiccabooLashed 

What You Say About Us?
“My experience here is great. She’s so efficient and and nice. I will recommend her to anyone. I love my lashes every time she does them." 

Morgan Wilson 

DSU College Student 

Josholynn was so sweet and professional. I felt relaxed throughout the entire process of brazilizan wax because we talked the entire time. She’s gained a faithful client & I’m super excited!
I come to Piccaboo Lashed for all my beauty enhancement needs... The level of PROFESSIONALISM IS BEYOND EXPECTATION! 

Leslie Brown, DRMC Registered Nurse